A New Direct Selling Company Gives Customers Free Samples Of Wine

An Overview Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that deals in wine. It is based in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Questions about the company and its opportunities should be directed to the customer service department which can be reached by calling 877 340-9869.

The Traveling Vineyard is a member of and abides by all the guidelines put forth by the Direct Selling Association. It is also an accredited business that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How Does The Traveling Vineyard Sell Wine?

Wines are sold through independent sales agent that are called wine guides at The Traveling Vineyard. The agents are not responsible for maintaining any stock of wines that are currently being sold to people by The Traveling Vineyard. Agents are only responsible for maintaining a stock of wine samples to give to customers to try out. The wine guides handle the direct marketing or direct selling aspect of The Traveling Vineyard business. Instead of spending marketing dollars on ads in TV, radio or the internet, the marketing is done by a person and grows by word of mouth and networking.

If a customer tries a wine offered to him by a wine guide and they like it, they place an order with that sales agent. The sales agent then forwards the order to The Traveling Vineyard corporate office. Then, The Traveling Vineyard will process the order and then mail it out to that customer’s home address. Every wine bottle is delivered with delivery confirmation and in a refrigerated truck. This ensures the highest quality and taste to the consumer. Reorders are also done through the wine guides.

Wine guides market wines by offering samples to potential customers for free. The samples which include wine and food tastings can be done at a home or at a reserved location. People trying wines through The Traveling Vineyard are under no obligation to purchase any wine with their sales agent.

Chris Steven Villanueva: Redefining the Future of Dentistry

When it comes to career decisions, most college graduates do not know which path they should take, but Chris is not like most people. He knew what he wanted to accomplish. Chris was faced with two options, and he chose the road that is not easily trodden- establishing a company. Chris desired to provide the dentists with a firm that could support them without any strings attached, and that is when MB2 Solutions was formed.
In the dental practice world, it is the experienced dentists and big corporations that rule. Most of the small dental practices experience significant challenges trying to run their companies. It was for that reason that Chris decided to establish the firm.
Chris spent time as a sole-proprietor and also as a corporate practitioner and therefore has the experience to guide the dentists in achieving success. The main aim of MB2 Dental Solutions was to provide the dentists with all business services that their practice needs so that they can focus on what is important- taking care of the patients.
Chris is not like many C.E.Os; he doesn’t micromanage his employees. He has surrounded himself with creative and talented people who help him achieve his vision. The best way of managing the team is to provide them with the objectives and let them do their job to the best of their ability. He is an out-of-box thinker, and that is what has helped him come with ideas to improve the Company. The firm has grown to 70 affiliated dental practices.
Technology is a big part of the Company. Today, there are different types of programs and software that help the dentist share their experiences with one another.
The Company has developed a business model which has helped them to achieve success. Chris has established the firm around people. It is a community-based dental practice. Unlike most of the dental practices, MB2 focuses on more than just revenue creation. The team provides support and opportunities for personal growth. They have also allowed the affiliate firms to choose the solutions that are suitable for them. The MB2 team designs tailor-made solutions.
Culture is at the center of the Company and Chris, and the rest of the team try to cultivate it among their employees. MB2 solutions organize bi-annual retreats for the affiliate practice owners.