Talkspace partnerships and advocacy to mental health

Michael Phelps is probably one of the most vocal sportspeople in the world. The swimmer’s experience with mental health has started the conversation on the importance of therapy. The partnership between the world champion and Talkspace is without a doubt the best step towards a happy world. Michael Phelps story paints the correct image that therapy is an unreplaceable option for mental health. With him on the larger team of experts, Talkspace is expected to reach millions of people in the next six months.

Discussion on sexual harassment is less heard in the public domain. Unlike other social debates, the topic has many misconceptions. Talkspace, however, is challenging the notion. It is a professional platform. #METOO is one of the most vocal social campaign inspired by the work Talkspace. It is working on in the vast USA social world pushing for legal responsibility for sexual harassment suspects. The movement borrows so much from the organization. Apart from the movement operating from a legal perceptive of the sexual harassment, the movement profoundly agrees with the organization mandate of reaching to millions of people.

Most of the sexual harassment victims have one worry, the undefined fear of proving it happened. The victims also are worried about disclosing the harassment details. The Talkspace as a platform, however, offers an unmatched environment for revealing and talking over. Talking and opening up is the most crucial part of therapy. The app provides the platform in the form of all available means such as through texts, videos, and calls. The professionalism from the therapists gives the victim the courage to stand for their rights through social movements such as #MEETOO. Giving the victims a voice is one of the best large steps towards a just world.

The reasons why Talkspace is one of the greatest inventions in the recent past include the following. First, it is one of the largest pool of professional therapists, qualified and licensed. Apart from the therapist being licensed and qualified, they are highly accessible. The accessibility breaks the barriers of the traditional therapy sessions where a victim first book appointments. Finally, the mode of getting help is diversified, and the inclusion of text as a mode of communication makes Talkspace unmatched.