Things You Need to Know about Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of healthcare plans in Puerto Rico and the broader parts of the United States. The firm has played a major role in helping people acquire good health without long processes through their Medicaid health care plans. It has been ranked among the best providers of health care plans in the country, and a significant number of people strive to seek their services. The major successes of InnovaCare have been associated with the great leadership skills exercised by its team of employees. The firm’s executives have strived to work together to increase the production of the firm as well as to help it achieve its goals.

Penelope kokkinides is one of the most influential leaders of the InnovaCare health, and she has strived to ensure that the firm achieves its goals. Penelope is currently the Chief Administrative Officer of the firm, and she has served in the firm since 2015. She flaunts over twenty years’ experience in the field of health, and she majorly specialises in managing the care industry as well as overseeing the various government plans like Medicare and Medicaid. Her ability to work closely with some of the most prestigious health personnel’s has seen her gain a great reputation. Besides, Penelope is also a learner and, she has always strived to learn new ideas from other people. Her ability to bring innovation at the InnovaCare health has also seen her lead the firm towards growth as well as achievement of its goals.

Additionally, Penelope`s educational background has also served as the major basis for her major successes in the field of health. She schooled at the University of Binghamton where she acquired her degree in Biological Sciences before moving to New York University for her master’s degree in Social work. Te close relationship that she maintains with her team of employees has also served as a great example to them to work together as a team. Due to the effort and commitment exercised by the firm’s team, InnovaCare Health has emerged as a leader in the provision of health care service to people in the broader parts of Puerto Rico

Penelope has also worked with some of the most prestigious leaders in the country, and she lately held talks with President Donald Trump, to discuss the various ways through which they could improve the health sector in the country. He ability to take fast action to serious issues in the field has also served as the major basis of her successes.


Waiakea Water: Better Health Through Water

Many people use bottled water daily to stay hydrated and there are a lot of companies to choose from. So it is best to research the drinking water in question to see if the company is ethical as far as their source of water is really as stated, their packaging preferences are good for the environment, and ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, or pH balance are not added as an afterthought to a questionable water source.

One water company that has been very transparent in their business dealings, including, where they source their water is Waiakea. Founded by Ryan Emmons, Waiakea Water is unique as there is nothing added. It is bottled straight from the source at the Mauna Loa volcano. The concept of reducing a carbon footprint and leaving everything as nature intended is a big deal for Ryan Emmons and his employees at Waiakea. The company has even invested in technology to plastic bottles that degrade in a fraction of the time of regular plastic bottles. The company is the first Hawaiian bottling company to be labeled Carbon Neutral, meaning Waiakea Water does not impact the environment to be made.

Waiakea Water is naturally filtered through many layers of volcanic rock from the Mauna Loa volcano creating the perfect Waiakea Water pH level (8.2) needed to keep our bodies at optimal health. The Mauna Loa region receives high levels of rain daily which makes Waiakea Water is a highly renewable resource. After filtering through the volcanic rock, Waiakea Water offers the perfect blend of pH, silica and minerals to keep the body working at optimal levels, boasting hydration. The water also helps prevent acid reflux if drank on a daily basis.

There is another added benefit to buying Waiakea Water. The outstanding philanthropic work they perform. The sale of each liter of water benefits others as the company almost always gives away more water to those in need than it sells. Waiakea has also worked with organizations to provide wells for villages in remote areas of Africa. To read more about this naturally sweet and delicious water and the many benefits of supporting Waiakea, please click here.,18.htm

Dallas Plastic Surgical Procedures

When seeking a reputable plastic surgeon, the residence of the Dallas Texas area has good and reputable surgeons to choose from. Dr. Roberto Najer in Frisco Texas, The North Texas Plastic Surgery, or The Weider Plastic Surgery Clinic are excellent places patients can consult about information on their services. Butt lifts typically come in two types. One type of butt lift is the traditional butt lift and the other is the Brazilian butt lift. Both are effective procedures to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Not all patients are eligible for both procedures, and patients along with their physicians can determine which of the two lifts is best for them.


The Brazilian butt lift is typically for patients who want to increase the volume of their buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift is the more popular of the two. The Brazilian butt lift only involves the transferring of the patients own fat to the buttocks, however not all patients can achieve desired results with the Brazilian butt lift. Patients need to have a somewhat decent shape already, since this procedure only increases the size. Surgeons require patients have enough extra fat, in other areas of the body to be transferred. Fat that is transferred needs to processed, during this phase of the procedure, some of the fat is lost, and so you need to have more than enough to be effective.


The traditional butt lift is much more intense surgical procedure. The traditional lift, requires the surgeon to cut into the buttocks to access the muscle, in order to tighten and or lift it into the desired position. Surgeon will choose from four types of incisions, based on what the patient’s desired outcomes. The upper, lower, butterfly or lateral are the types surgical procedures performed. Traditional is for patients who wants to remove or tighten the buttocks.


Meet Esteemed Plastic Surgeon, Sameer Jejurikar

Are you in the Dallas, Texas area and looking for a reputable plastic surgeon? Have you heard of Sameer Jejurikar and you’re wondering more about him?

Here’s your chance to learn more.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a highly-esteemed plastic surgeon that works out of the Dallas, Texas area. With an experienced past in surgery, he offers his patients a personalized touch with high-quality results. Past patients of his have offered positive reviews of his work all across the internet. In fact, patient reviews have him ranked among the top physicians in the nation.

Sameer Jejurikar comes from a well-educated past.

He attended the University of Michigan Medical School in order to get his degree, where he was also a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha. His undergraduate studies were also done at the University of Michigan. He has a formal board certification in plastic surgery and has upheld a steady reputation in this field ever since. He is also certified in or has memberships with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and more.

He has been published in numerous journals.

Some of these include Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Microsurgery, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Journal of Surgical Research. He is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the state of Texas. Some of these include Baylor University Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Forest Park Medical Center, Medical Center of Plano, Pine Creek Medical Center, and more. He is primarily affiliated with the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.