Fabletics Leads The Way In Sales Courtesy Of Rave Reviews By Consumers

A popular, trendy product line that strives to succeed with online sales but is also trying to open a limited number of physical stores, Fabletics is a leading competitor against other online stores like Amazon and Overstock. Even though they are an virtual based business, they also know the importance of having a location where customers can try on their products.


Most of the shoppers who come into the limited number of stores are already members of Fableticss. The 40% of customers who come into the stores are already a part of the Fabletics family. They are there to try out the products they have yet ordered or to make sure that they want something.


The hope is to bring in more than 75 stores during the next five years. The brand of Fabletics brought in revenue of over $150 million dollars over the course of year in 2015. Most of their sales were from those who follow closely on social media the co-founder and the face of Fabletics, Kate Hudson.


When the stores open in the actual malls, they will still maintain the same guidelines that the website offers. The hope is to mirror the site completely said the c0-CEO and JustFab co-founder, Adam Goldenberg. The stores will work to increase the number of VIP members it has to the membership based business.


All of the brands that are under the JustFab umbrella are offering deep discounts to many other brands similar in quality and style of Fabletics. For those who shop other brands that cost upwards of $80 dollars are much less in the Fabletics brand.


For the subscribers of the membership, they do not have to keep something they do not want and when the account gets charged, if the item you want has not shipped or is not what you wanted, you can be given a credit to use on another purchase. You are free to skip a month if you want to.


For shoppers, they shop in virtual stores because of the increasingly amount of time that we spend at other places like jobs and schools. When you only have 8 hours a day to eat, sleep and bathe and so on, you do not want to spend 2 hours in the local shopping mall looking for the perfect workout wear.


Instead shoppers are going to e-commerce websites to purchase the items they want. Most consumers are now living the digital lifestyle. For this reason, the reviews left behind by other shoppers are key to increasing the number of sales. For every 1 bad review, there is 1 shopper who opts to not purchase an item. It doesn’t matter that there is 10 positive reviews behind it, they only care about the 1 bad one.


In recent studies, it has been proven that close to 85% of the people who shop online are trusting the reviews they find about a product or service. That is why Fabletics is sure to do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied with their products and services.