Stream Energy Bolsters its Philanthropic Efforts by Starting Stream Cares Foundation

The storm caused by the Hurricane Harvey in Houston neighborhoods left many people dead, homeless and devastated. Few companies in the United States came up to help the victims. Stream energy, a Dallas company, was among the first companies that used their hard-earned money to fund the recovery of their customers.

Stream Energy decided to make its philanthropic activities in order and official by starting Stream Cares foundation. It will conduct Stream Energy’s charity activities across the country and specifically, help the victims of the Hurricane Harvey storm rebuild their lives.

The Hurricane Harvey has demonstrated how American corporations value philanthropy. Stream Energy has embraced philanthropy as part of their brand. It is acting from the frontline for others to follow as they use more than just money to give back to the community.

The energy sales as well as connected-living company’s philanthropy arm, Stream Cares, will go a long way into building the company’s reputation while giving back to the community. The company joins many generous U.S. companies that are estimated to donate $19 billion to many charity organizations in America. Stream Energy has also strived to drive grass-root giving. It has built a system comprising of employees, associates and partners to drive giving.

Stream builds associates and makes them work as business owners and entrepreneurs. They earn profits from the endeavors and start contributing to charities as individuals. This is one of the efforts the company is undertaking to bolster the company’s philanthropic track record. Apparently, the associates are concerned about homelessness in Dallas.

Stream has pointed out Hope Supply Co. as a good partner in impacting the lives of the homeless in Dallas. The Dallas-based Hope Supply Co., Stream’s associates and employees came together to cover the entrance costs as well as meal costs for more than 1000 homeless children for the yearly splash for hope. The homeless receives money, supplies and a lifetime experience in the event. Hope Supply Co. has been instrumental in supporting homeless school-going children over the past 4 years.

Do you remember the Texas tornado storm in 2016? Well, Stream, its employees and associates sprang into action and helped the victims of the storm. It donated a significant amount of money towards the healing and the recovery of the people affected by tornado.

Stream Energy’s efforts to promote Dallas and Texas communities have been outstanding. They harness a unique helping power through a combination of corporate generosity, associate passion and a helping attitude to be helpful to their surrounding communities.

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