OSI Food Solutions: Going Global

OSI Food Solutions began as Otto & Sons when it was founded in 1909, just outside of Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky began the business as a local butcher and meat suppler. As the years went by, it became the world’s #1 food supplier. As OSI Food Solutions, the local shop grew to be on of the top 4 suppliers of meat to McDonald’s, a company whose growth has been as dependent on OSI as OSI’s has been on them.

As McDonald’s grew from a single restaurant to a chain of franchises, OSI Food Solutions grew along with it. Going from a regional to a national to an international company has necessitated many changes, including becoming OSI Food Solutions from Otto & Sons. As OSI has expanded to supply McDonald’s and other chains, such as Subway and Pizza Hut, they have expanded their facilities to an international business. OSI has 65 plants in 17 countries, ranging from North America to Asia, Europe to Australia. They have acquired or partnered with established businesses in their new market countries and use the existing infrastructure and customer base of the local business as a base to expand from.

Since 2011, when OSI was named the 136th largest private company, Forbes has moved them up to the #58 spot in 2016, representing a large growth spurt from the company in recent years. In addition to acquiring new partners and companies in new markets, OSI Food Solutions has also expanded some of its existing plants. One notable expansion was the acquisition of a chicken processing plant in the Chicago area from Tyson Chicken. The facility, which was expanded on by OSI, almost doubles their chicken processing capabilities in North America.

Though primarily known for its meats, such as poultry, fish, pork and beef, OSI also makes vegetable and dough products for distribution. They are major suppliers of Western franchises in China and are making serious inroads in Europe, a splintered market due to the many nations occupying its territories.

OSI has been recognized with several awards for safety, management and environmental activities. They were notably given the Globe of Honour in 2016 by the British Safety Council. In 2018, the same group recognized OSI with a merit award art the 2018 International Safety Awards.

OSI also provides customers with premade products, such as hot dogs, frozen pizzas and other frozen foods, meat patties and bacon as well.

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