Things You Need to Know about Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of healthcare plans in Puerto Rico and the broader parts of the United States. The firm has played a major role in helping people acquire good health without long processes through their Medicaid health care plans. It has been ranked among the best providers of health care plans in the country, and a significant number of people strive to seek their services. The major successes of InnovaCare have been associated with the great leadership skills exercised by its team of employees. The firm’s executives have strived to work together to increase the production of the firm as well as to help it achieve its goals.

Penelope kokkinides is one of the most influential leaders of the InnovaCare health, and she has strived to ensure that the firm achieves its goals. Penelope is currently the Chief Administrative Officer of the firm, and she has served in the firm since 2015. She flaunts over twenty years’ experience in the field of health, and she majorly specialises in managing the care industry as well as overseeing the various government plans like Medicare and Medicaid. Her ability to work closely with some of the most prestigious health personnel’s has seen her gain a great reputation. Besides, Penelope is also a learner and, she has always strived to learn new ideas from other people. Her ability to bring innovation at the InnovaCare health has also seen her lead the firm towards growth as well as achievement of its goals.

Additionally, Penelope`s educational background has also served as the major basis for her major successes in the field of health. She schooled at the University of Binghamton where she acquired her degree in Biological Sciences before moving to New York University for her master’s degree in Social work. Te close relationship that she maintains with her team of employees has also served as a great example to them to work together as a team. Due to the effort and commitment exercised by the firm’s team, InnovaCare Health has emerged as a leader in the provision of health care service to people in the broader parts of Puerto Rico

Penelope has also worked with some of the most prestigious leaders in the country, and she lately held talks with President Donald Trump, to discuss the various ways through which they could improve the health sector in the country. He ability to take fast action to serious issues in the field has also served as the major basis of her successes.


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