What To Expect At The Fagali’I Airport

Polynesian Airlines is the airlines of Samoa. They offer flights between the islands as well as to American Samoa which is basically right next door. A one-way trip is about $85 USD while a round-trip ticket is $155. These flights go out of Fagali’I Airport which is situated right beside the city of Apia in Samoa. As Apia is the capital there are many things for tourists to do for a great time on their vacation.

Once you land on Fagali’I Airport single paved airstrip you are taken to the concourse where your baggage is also located. It’s a pretty small airport so it is basically impossible to get lost or separated from your family and/or friends there. There are no terminals or gates at Fagali’I Airport, for instance, and instead it’s a building with a single booth that serves as customs according to cheapflights.com. As the flights can have 18 people at most it’s a short process to get into this country. There is a bigger airport on Upolu but this airport is preferred by many because it’s way closer to Apia.

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For those who are hungry before or after a flight there isn’t any food or snacks available at the Fagali’I Airport itself. However, there are a couple of small shops right outside of the airport that travelers can visit before or after being in the airport. To get to your destination on landing you can either take a hotel shuttle, if one is available, or jump in one of the waiting cabs according to expedia.com. People do need to be careful, though, with the cabs as taxi drivers have a reputation of charging more than they are supposed to.

The majority of hotels are within a mile or two of Fagali’I Airport. There really is an option for every size of budget which means this is a popular tourist destination for wealthy people and families on a budget. The Fagali’I Airport flights are also pretty affordable and are certainly not a deterrent to taking a vacation on this wonderful island with a rich and vibrant history to explore.

Learn more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo

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