Securus Technologies Aims to Lead the Payment Processing Segment with the Acquisition of GovPayNet

To sustain in any industry for an extended period, and continue to dominate it is no small feat in today’s highly competitive market. However, it is what Securus Technologies has been able to achieve for the past many years. The company is known to provide the broadest range of correctional services, including its famous inmate communication services. More than a million prisoners depend on the services offered by Securus Technologies to connect with their relatives and friends. Staying connected to the outside world is very important for an inmate, and it is what Securus Technologies helps in facilitating with its wide range of communication services for the correctional facilities.


Rick Smith, CEO of the Securus Technologies, has recently given a statement saying that the existing and potential customers and investors can check out the progress the company has made in developing new age correctional technology by visiting its research center in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith also said that the company’s research team is trying hard to streamline the existing technology and develop new cutting-edge technology and services to help inmates get affordable services, and more opportunities to communicate with their relatives and friends.


Securus Technologies has also been expanding its product and services portfolio recently. It is one of the reasons why it made to consecutive acquisitions recently, including Jpay Inc and the GovPayNet. Jpay Inc is a money transfer service provider and also provides entertainment, educational, and job opportunities based resources to the inmates. GovPayNet is another leading payment processing service provider for the government agencies. It has been in the business for nearly two decades and provides its services to almost 2,300 correctional agencies. Securus Technologies aims to consolidate its position in the penitentiary field with these acquisitions, and hope that it would be able to service the correctional organizations and inmates efficiently.