George Soros, the Defender of Democratic Fundamental Ideals

For more than 30 years, George Soros has been supporting the democratic values and features internationally. George is well known and appreciated by Democratic leaders like the former president of America, Barrack Obama. He has a philanthropic organization called Open Society Foundations that aims to promote democracy and human rights internationally in 100 countries.

Soros has so far given out more than 12 billion dollars to charities and foundations that strive to protect freedom. The organizations that he mostly works with are the ones fighting for transparency/accountability from leaders, freedom of expression, justice for all and equality that will serve all the citizens of a country in a fair way. Read his profile at Forbes.

People who face discrimination have been strengthened to a large extent, and their voices are heard. Europe’s Roma population has also been supported. The vulnerable individuals who do not have a chance are also taken into account by Open Society Foundation. The groups can help the minorities, sex workers, drug users and LGBTIQ members in the society through Soros’s financing.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930, and he witnessed the killing of innocent Hungarian Jews during the Nazi rule and occupation when he was a teenager. He was a Jew, and their family survived the rule of Adolf Hitler, and this made him stronger, more willing to help the susceptible.

George Soros went to London in 1947 and did small jobs including being a railway porter and a waiter while studying at the London School of Economics. In 1956, he went to the USA where he started investing and made a fortune in the world of finance. In 1970 his company Soros Fund Management became a successful investment in the US history.

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His success in business prompted him to start his Open Society Foundation that up to today continues supporting more than 100 countries in promoting democracy. George Soros started off his support with South Africa in 1979 by providing scholarships to the black communities during the apartheid period. George Soros opened the Central European University that enables young people to think critically and become open minded in their endeavors so that they cannot be radical or racist in their life. He has funded the charities and groups helping in interactions between the West and the Former Soviet Union opening them to the world.

With the times changing, he has worked with several organizations that support the rights of the marginalized people in the world. His foundation has worked with several groups like; Global Witness, International Crisis Group, European Council on Foreign Relations and Institute for New Economic Thinking just to name a few. George Soros is still committed to finding a solution to the problems that are affecting the world’s population. Visit to know more about George.

Securus Technologies Protecting Officers Working in Jail

Make no mistake about it, any police officer working in a jail is at risk of serious danger each time they arrive at work. If me or one of my fellow officers were to let down our guard for one second, it could mean serious injury in the blink of an eye. We go through extensive training to have each others back, but sometimes these inmates have numbers and time on their side.


Each inmate is sitting there for 24 hours a day, thinking of ways to exploit cracks in the system and punish officers for their being in the jail. I have been the subject of many attacks, and had it not been for Securus Technologies and their latest software, I could have been taken out a long time ago. As skilled as I am at spotting trouble, having the resources we do now is invaluable.


When the team at Securus Technologies installed the inmate communication system, I was put through the training early on and really took to the material. It is amazing how little things that we have been taken for grated all these years actually was a wealth of information that could make each of us safer, and that includes the inmates too.


When we get information from one of these calls that an order has been given by gang leaders to go after a target on a rival gang, not only can we intercept the victim before anything happens, we can identify who is responsible and where the weapons they were going to use have been hidden. One call like that reveals all the players and all the information about how these guys are operating in the shadows.


Without the inmates having a clue who snitched, we all get to be safer and roundup all the players without ever being in the middle of the fighting.