A New Direct Selling Company Gives Customers Free Samples Of Wine

An Overview Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that deals in wine. It is based in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Questions about the company and its opportunities should be directed to the customer service department which can be reached by calling 877 340-9869.

The Traveling Vineyard is a member of and abides by all the guidelines put forth by the Direct Selling Association. It is also an accredited business that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How Does The Traveling Vineyard Sell Wine?

Wines are sold through independent sales agent that are called wine guides at The Traveling Vineyard. The agents are not responsible for maintaining any stock of wines that are currently being sold to people by The Traveling Vineyard. Agents are only responsible for maintaining a stock of wine samples to give to customers to try out. The wine guides handle the direct marketing or direct selling aspect of The Traveling Vineyard business. Instead of spending marketing dollars on ads in TV, radio or the internet, the marketing is done by a person and grows by word of mouth and networking.

If a customer tries a wine offered to him by a wine guide and they like it, they place an order with that sales agent. The sales agent then forwards the order to The Traveling Vineyard corporate office. Then, The Traveling Vineyard will process the order and then mail it out to that customer’s home address. Every wine bottle is delivered with delivery confirmation and in a refrigerated truck. This ensures the highest quality and taste to the consumer. Reorders are also done through the wine guides.

Wine guides market wines by offering samples to potential customers for free. The samples which include wine and food tastings can be done at a home or at a reserved location. People trying wines through The Traveling Vineyard are under no obligation to purchase any wine with their sales agent.

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